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Practical information
During the exhibition there will be an extensive shopping street. The team of “De Utrecht” is also busy with extra-curricular activities, where we will keep you informed. We hope you and your dog (s) to welcome in May 2020. The location is this this Down Under in Nieuwegein. Adres: Ravensewetering 1 3439 ZZ Nieuwegein.
We would like to ask everyone to treat this outdoor location with respect and to clean up all waste, including the dog's stool, and deposit it in the existing waste bins.
Upon arrival you will also receive poop bags.
Everyone who is present on our show can also participate in various workshops.

The event location is open from 7:30 am till 18.00 pm and judging starts at 09:30.
The various workshops starts at 11.00 am till 15.00 pm.

Brace class
Breeding group
  • Fee for the puppy €31,00
  • Fee from Junior Class €53,00
  • Couple class en breeding group €0,00
  • Parking €5,00 (you can pay this on the parking with cash)
Additional tickets for visitors
  • Adults: € 10,00
  • Age groups 4-11 years and 65+ and over: € 7,50
  • Dogs not entered for competition (max. 2 dogs per exhibitor): € 7,50 per dog
  • Catalogue: €5,00. Judging starts at 9:30 AM. There is no benching.
In addition to the final juding, this year we will also choose the best working dog on the Saturday and Sunday and we have a separate final judging for the best Dutch Breed on Sunday.

Junior Handling can be registered on show days up to 12.00 by handlers from 10/17 years old. Due to a change in the Junior Handlings rules now it is not possible for handlers under 10 to be admitted to the competition. The new regulations can be found under the link. For more information about the Junior Handling please contact the Dutch Kennel Club by mail.

It is not allowd by the municipality of Nieuwegein to stay during the night in a caravan or camper parked at the public parking at the show area, unless prior exemption is requested. To get permission you have to send a request by before the 24th of march 2020. You must provide the registration number of the caravan or motorhome and the number of people who stay overnight in your caravan or camper. We expressly point out that there are no facilities, also no electricity, available and that no waste and wastewater can be discharged.
We recommend you to use a campsite in the area.

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