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Stand reservation:
Kuiperstraat 2c
7025 CK Halle

Contact person reservations is: Debra Kooijand & Nadjia Timmermans:

Handing out flyers and / or gadgets outside the stand space is not permitted without consultation with the organization and is in principle reserved for the sponsor only.

Staying overnight at the site
It is not allowd by the municipality of Nieuwegein to stay during the night in a caravan or camper parked at the public parking at the show area, unless prior exemption is requested. To get permission you have to send a request by mail before the 24th of march 2020. You must provide the registration number of the caravan or motorhome and the number of people who stay overnight in your caravan or camper. We expressly point out that there are no facilities, also no electricity, available and that no waste and wastewater can be discharged.We recommend you to use a campsite in the area.
We suggest one of the below mentioned:
Camping Prinsenhof
De kleine Weide
De boerderij Natuurcamping
Fletcher hotel
Valk hotel

stand: € 35,00 m2
Table (180 x 60 cm) including 2 chairs: €50,00
Power connection: €35,00
Extra entrance tickets €5,00 per ticket (maximum to 4 tickets)
Advertisement in the catalog of a whole page (color) €100,00
Advertisement in the catalog of a half page (color) €75,00
Single flyer in the catalog €200,00
Camper/ Caravanplek €35,00

1. Prices are exclusive of VAT.
2. Terms and conditions of the stand holders apply.
3. The list of stand holders is published in the catalog.
4. No rights can be derived from any typesetting or typing errors in our price list.
5. All changes in the price list are subject to change.
6. Two tickets are provided for each stand.

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